Teachers’ Day 2017

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On the occasion of Dr. Radhakrishnan’s Birthday, September 5th is celebrated as Teachers’ Day. Our Teachers were honored with gifts for their untiring efforts to develop the school. Swami Vimurtananda, Manager, gave benediction address and told the importance of teacher’s role in the development of Nation.


Science Exhibition 2017

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EXPO’17 WAS HELD ON 2ND AND 3RD AUGUST 2017 in our school premises. Our Headmistress inaugurated the exhibition at 10.00 a.m. DEO (North) and our Secretary Maharaj Visited the exhibition and interacted with Students about their projects and appreciated the students for their brilliant answers.
Students exuded their confidence while explaining the projects. Students from VI to XII participated enthusiastically. Various exhibits regarding Tamil, English, Mathematics, Science, Social science, Computer Science, Commerce, Accountancy, Economics, Art, and Craft, etc.,

Very attractive projects were displayed on various topics like Kannappa Nayanar, Ainthuthinaigal, Virundhombal, Panniru Aazhvaargal, 63 Nayanmargal, Pathinen Merkanakku, Keezhkanakku noolgal, Aimperum kappiyangal, Tamil Ezhuthukkal, ennurukkal, Kadaiezhuvallalgal, Kalviyae azhiya selvam. Students performed monoact based on various Historical and Religious personalities.

Blending words, clipping words, abbreviations and acronyms, singular, plural, homophones charts and models were exhibited.

Models and charts were displayed on various topics of Mathematics in our day to day life, conceptional, logical thinking, the beauty of numbers, reasoning skills were exhibited.

Very attractive projects of working models and charts were exhibited on various topics like agriculture, Pollution health and hygiene, uses of herbal plants with specimens were displayed innovatively various other projects like water level indicator, theft alarm also exhibited. The students explained the importance of them.

Social Science
Various chart work and models regarding the history of Chera, Chola Pandya, volcano, seismography, solar system, the early life of man and importance of Chennai city, were displayed and explained in a good manner.

Computer Science
Students exhibited projects regarding early history of computer, logic gate, mobile network, wi fi connection, modem and working principle of CPU etc.,

Arts department combined with Commerce, Economics and Accountancy exhibited number of models and charts about Barter system, Whole Sale, Retail Trading, Joint Hindu family business, Source document used in Accounting cause of Depreciation, GST, Division of Economics, Inflation Types, etc.,

Craft & Drawing Department exhibited pencil stand, flower vase model of paper flowers, garland, table cloth made of woolen thread, and stocking cloth Fabric painting on natural sceneries, etc.,

Students enjoyed and gained knowledge regarding various subjects. Ramakrishna Math National School Headmistress, Teachers, and V standard students visited and appreciated student’s involvement on their creativity towards their project

School Assistant Secretary, R K Math Volunteers, and all teachers visited the exhibition. It was a very informative and interesting Expo.

Swachh Bharath 2017

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On 28th July 2017, CPCL Organized cleanliness drive under Swachh Bharath Abhiyan Programme in our School Premises. The main purpose of this program was to create awareness among the students regarding cleanliness and its benefits. Under this program, all the Students and Teachers were the essential part of this drive. Teachers and students gave a speech on the event. The event was started with CPCL’S Senior executive Mrs. Malathy’s Special speech on the importance of hygiene and cleanliness.

Printed T-Shirts were issued to all the 857 students. Snacks were arranged for all the participants who made the event a memorable one. Teachers, CPCL staff, and nearly 100 students Participated in a road rally.

Buckets, Dustbins, Brooms, Mugs, Dustbin trolleys, etc., were provided by the CPCL Organizers for cleaning the school premises.

Sivakamu Jayaraman Endowment Scholarship Distribution 2017

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A program was conducted on 14-7-2017 at 3 P.M. in which Swami Dhakshajanandaji Maharaj, Vivekanandar Illam presided over the function. Prof. Ramanan, who is from the family of Sivakamu Jayaraman graced the occasion and distributed the financial assistance to the following no. beneficiaries for this academic year.

  1. School Uniforms to 60 students from 11th and 12th classes at the rate of Rs.1000. Total  60000
  2. School fees and Note Books for 77 students from 6th to 10th  Total Rs. 77000
  3. Financial Assistance towards Tuition fees for 6 students at the rate of Rs. 6000. Total Rs. 18000
  4. Financial Grant for next level assistance for 35 students of 11th std at the rate of Rs. 1000. Total Rs. 35000

Total beneficiaries 178 and amount distributed is Rs. 1, 90,000.

While addressing the students, Mr. Ramanan expressed total satisfaction to support the deserving students financially and advised them to improve their educational standard further.

We are very much thankful to the family of Sivakamu Jayaraman for their generosity. We continue to look forward to them for the financial support in the coming years also.